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©2019 by Bamboo Services.

Why Bamboo? 

Bamboo is a plant that is strong and utilitarian (and beautiful!) and we envisioned our service sprouting up around the community....strong and dependable. Our service providers are called PANDAs (Personal Assistants oN Demand Anytime).  PANDAs work within their Bamboo Grove, the neighborhoods immediately surrounding their home. They support others in their community by performing tasks that they choose, based on their interests and skills, and in turn get paid for their time, helping them reach their financial goals.


Mission and Values

We recognize that time is our most precious commodity. We liberate our members to spend more time doing things that are more meaningful to them, whether that is spending time with their children, attending a yoga class, getting in that extra meeting at work or grabbing a meal with friends.


Bamboo provides an affordable way for families and individuals to live their best life.  We value both members' and Pandas' time, We provide members with screened and vetted PANDAs who complete the tasks without wasting the members' time.  We provide PANDAs with opportunities to earn an additional stream of income, and also a sense of purpose by helping others in their community. We provide our Pandas with support and guidance so they can be as successful as possible in reaching their goals.  We also focus on building a sense of community and keeping dollars in the local economy.  By keeping our service areas small, we reduce driving and wasted time. By supporting the busy members of the local community, we strive to improve the quality of life for all the members of the Bamboo community.