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Panda Offers, Deals & Special Packages

Donate Panda Hours to help the effor For every 5 hours donated, My Panda will donate 1 hou

Help Arriving Families

Donate Panda hours to New American Pathways, an Atlanta based organization on the front lines of the massive effort to resettle evacuees from Afghanistan.
In the coming months, NAPW will welcome over 150 families fleeing Afghanistan.


Gift of Time

So many are struggling....
Health care workers
COVID positive patients

Let them spend their precious time with precious ones
while our personal assistants do the jobs for them
A My Panda gift card is the perfect solution.  
Available in any amount.

earth plants

Save the Planet

A Panda will pick up all those hard to recycle materials from your doorstep and arrange for recycling drop off at the Grant Park CHaRM location. 


Styrofoam, electronics, paint, plastics and more.

Starting at $15

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