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How we started

     Bamboo Services was created in 2018 in the community of Oakhurst in Decatur, GA. Tamara Vrooman Lucas is a busy, entrepreneurial single mom of two school-age boys. Amanda Farahany is an attorney who owns her own successful law firm and has started several successful businesses using technology.  An idea conceived by a busy mom on a budget and a female employment attorney with no extra time, they saw the opportunity to use technology to connect the hyper-local gig economy with their time-starved neighbors to help them complete errands and their day-to-day task list while combining affordability, convenience, and trust. 


Some many of us have too much to do and not enough time to do it. We provide the extra set of hands to complete the items on your to do list so you can live your best life.

BookaPanda  was born!

Amanda Farahany

Co-Founder and CEO

Tamara Vrooman Lucas

Co-Founder and COO