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Realtor  Services 

Our Realtor Services were created to uniquely be able to provide you with resources that you can offer your clients.  By having an extra set of hands right in the neighborhoods where you are selling homes, we can help efficiently and affordably. 

Discounted Closing Gift

For $99 you can gift 3 hours of Panda (Personal Assistant oN Demand) services to your new homeowners. Our Pandas can assist with unpacking, organizing, cleaning etc. In addition, they live right in the community so they have unique insights into the neighborhood. They can be a great source of information for the new homeowner.  It is a truly unique way for your clients to begin to connect with their community, while getting the gift of time.  


Showing Tidy-Ups

For $22, our Pandas will pop over to your client's home and straighten up in case of those unexpected showing requests.  Your client will not have to leave work to get the dishes in the dishwasher and put the dog in the crate. As the agent, you can either schedule and charge these Tidy-ups to your Bamboo account as an added service or you can simply refer your client to Bamboo and they can set up their own account.


Vacant Home Tidy-Ups

If the home is vacant and you need a quick drop by to turn on the heat and check for spider webs, one of our Pandas can stop over and take care of it quickly, keeping you from having to take time out of your day. Only $22!


Open House Prep

Economically book, for $22, a Panda to pick up snacks and drinks and do prep work ahead of the agent having to arrive. 


Added selling point

Bamboo is only available in select neighborhoods so if your listing is in one of these it is one more benefit to add to the features of the neighborhood.  

To set up your free Bamboo account and begin offering these services, download our free app, put REALTOR in the “referred by” field and we will contact you to get you all the details you need!  Feel free to reach out to support@bookapanda.com if you have any other questions.