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Spring Cleaning Made Easy

In just a few short weeks, we will say goodbye to bone-chilling temps and gloomy skies and say a hearty hello to gentle breezes and sunshine with the start of the Spring season. And for most of us, that also means it's time to bust out those rubber gloves and begin our spring cleaning rituals. But what if we could make it a little easier on you? Here are a few cool cleaning hacks that’ll make you actually enjoy getting down and dirty.

Mopping isn't just for floors.

  • This one is for the rule-breakers. Tired of tackling those grimy cabinets by hand? Work smarter and not harder by taking a mop to those dust magnets. Get a new mop head and dip it in a mixture of dish soap, a small amount of laundry detergent, and hot water. Wring it out enough to remove the excess water to help minimize drips and begin mopping your cabinets. Let it dry and then stand back and marvel at those shiny, like new beauties.

And a dishwasher isn’t just for dishes.

  • There are so many things that we use daily that could stand to get a deep cleaning. The dishwasher is the perfect solution to removing germs and bacteria from simple household items. The multi-faceted appliance can clean items such as makeup brushes, kids’ toys, hairbrushes, refrigerator shelves, doorknobs, etc. The list of possibilities is endless.

When life gives you lemons, clean with them.

  • Not only are lemons tasty in a nice cold drink, but they also do a great job at cleaning. Their natural antibacterial properties can give your household items a new life. They also help rid your stainless steel items of any hard water or rust. Simply cut a lemon in half and start rubbing to remove the stubborn stains. Instead of the harsh chemicals, enjoy a natural solution that can cut grime but also smell divine.

Shower and shine.

  • Do you often twiddle your fingers as you are deep conditioning your hair in the shower? Put those fingers to work as you partake in a mini cleaning session as your luscious locks rejuvenate. Bring the soap-filled dish wand from the kitchen to the bathroom to tackle those shower doors, floors, and walls. Multitasking at its finest.

Shake and bake with baking soda.

  • Do you ever feel like your couch or mattress just isn't clean? To the naked eye it looks fine, but deep down you know it could probably be… cleaner? Grab a box of baking soda to ease your mind. Sprinkle baking soda on the surface of your couch or mattress and let it sit for 20 minutes. Vacuum it up with an attachment and, like magic, those lingering smells and stains are gone. Bonus: Baking soda mixed with vinegar is also a great budget-friendly solution for unclogging drains.

Hacks are nice but if you don't have time to tackle all of your spring cleaning tasks yourself, let a Panda cross off your spring cleaning checklist. Find out more information on what we can do for you here.

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