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Simple Home Refresh Tips

A lot of us wait until the Spring to give our humble abodes their yearly refresh, but with more of us spending hefty amounts of time at home - why wait? Let’s be honest, we could all use a change of scenery, and sprucing up your space seems like a great start. The quickest and simplest way to breathe new life into your home is to get rid of the clutter and get organized. Get inspired by these simple, affordable quick changes to give your home the renewal it deserves.

Eye-Catching Storage Options Good storage is key to keeping your home orderly. Practicality and functionality are important, but choosing storage that reflects your personal style and taste is just as important. Adding a chic rattan basket or a cheery colorful storage box to your decor is useful in hiding the laundry or that mail you've been meaning to read while being aesthetically pleasing to your eye. Win-win.

A Thorough Deep Cleaning A pristine clean home that smells good is probably a top-tier life experience. It instantly changes your mood and somehow makes you feel more productive - which is great for those of us currently working from home. A thorough deep clean may seem like a daunting task, but we assure you that it’ll be worth it. Focus on areas that are often overlooked. This means dusting hard-to-reach surfaces (including those ceiling fan blades), cleaning baseboards, and even washing windows and window treatments. Another place often overlooked? The refrigerator. Pull everything out, wipe all surfaces, and toss those expired, questionable foods that have been taking up space. Tidy up inside by creating zones for like items. Take organizing a step further and place items like condiments or canned beverages in clear, plastic bins to truly upgrade your icebox to something Pinterest-worthy.

Clear Your Clutter Every room in your home could probably stand to be purged of items simply collecting dust and taking up space. But vowing to declutter your home without a plan can be overwhelming. So, why not start with a place that you spend a lot of quality time in - your bedroom. The bedroom is your safe haven. It should be a place where you instantly feel calm, peaceful, and relaxed as you enter. However, a cluttered bedroom can have the opposite effect and make you feel anxious, unsettled, and restless. Imagine how this affects your ability to recharge every night and how productive you are every morning.

A great first move is to check out all of your flat surfaces. This includes nightstands, dressers, and even the bed itself. We tend to throw things in these places when we don’t readily have

a designated space for an item. Like the refrigerator, place common items together in stylish, storage options so they can be easily accessed while removing those items that serve no purpose in your bedroom. This should provide an instant uplifting visual boost to the overall space. You’ll want to tackle your closet, drawers, and if you have an attached bathroom in the same fashion. But remember baby steps. This complete overhaul does not need to happen all at once but should be done over a week or so to keep the momentum going.

Remember, we can help! If all of these tips sound great, but you’re struggling to see how a home refresh can fit into your busy schedule, don't worry, our Pandas can take it from here. From shopping for cleaning supplies to organizing your pantry, we’ve got you covered. Visit our services page to find out more information on what we can do for you.

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