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Parents' Back-to-School Guide

The start of school is the most exciting time for students! They want to get to know their teachers, catch up with their friends, and start learning about a new world of knowledge. Despite how exciting the first few weeks of school are, your kids cannot handle this independently. Now and every day, they require your assistance to prepare. Following this guide to the exciting year ahead should be fun for the entire family. 1.) Reach out to your kids' teachers.

Attend orientation, meet-the-teacher night, or other welcome activities, but don't stop there. Make it a point to introduce yourself, learn about the class activities, and understand the year's expectations. Find out the preferred communication style of each teacher.

Most people prefer to communicate via email, but you can also call or schedule a meeting if you call first.

2.) Get in the groove

Create healthy at-home routines for school days, such as consistent waking times and preparation schedules. Set aside a regular time for doing homework and make a comfortable, quiet workspace. Set bedtimes that allow elementary-age kids to get 10 to 12 hours of sleep; teens should get 8½ to 9½ hours.

3.) Time things right

Stay on top of everyone's school, activity, and work schedules with a free online calendar or a smartphone app.

4.) Pack smart Never let your child carry a backpack that weighs more than 10 to 20 percent of his body weight; heavier backpacks can strain developing joints and muscles. Encourage your child to use both straps, and have them tightened so the pack hangs just two inches above the waist. 5.) Volunteer The school can provide many more programs and services for your children if you and other parents contribute. Ask about volunteer opportunities in the school community and in your kids' classrooms by becoming a member of the PTA at your child's school.


Task delegation is the best weapon a parent can use to meet all these expectations. At some point, we just don't have enough time to get to everything. By delegating tasks, a parent can focus more on the important things such as attending a parent-teacher meeting, supporting a child's soccer match, not missing graduation day, etc. These things are milestones that matter most in a child's lifetime.

On the other hand, you can delegate pesky tasks like:

• Grocery Shopping

• Buying school supplies

• Preparing ingredients for the school bake sale

• Running errands

• Delivering document

• House chores

• Etc.

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