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Let My Panda Free Up Your Time!

Just about everyone dislikes doing run-of-the-mill errands and tasks. These must-dos are time-consuming and boring, and they steal time from activities that are enjoyable. Many folks, however, are irked by particular duties more than others.

That’s why there’s My Panda, a company that offers myriad services that you yourself may consider loathsome. Short for Personal Assistant Next Door Anytime, our app lets people connect with trusted, reliable specialists who can expertly execute a wide variety of undertakings.

Can’t stand going to the supermarket, hunting around for what you need and then standing in a long checkout line? A My Panda pro will get everything on your shopping list, take it all to your home and put it away.

Feel overwhelmed when you host a party or other event? One of our whizzes will assist you in whatever way you need, from the planning stages all the way to the cleanup.

Dread going away for a stretch of time because your home will be left unattended? My Panda offers vacation service, which involves going to your home twice a day to turn lights off and on, water your plants, take out the trash and take in the mail. And if you have pets, we’ll eagerly be at their side to feed, walk and cuddle with them.

Detest hanging around at home for a delivery or repairman whose arrival could be anytime during a six-hour window? If you’re supposed to be at work, your boss might not be too empathetic. And if you don’t need to be at a job, there are certainly much better ways to spend your precious time!

These four chores are just a tiny number of the services we offer. At My Panda, the practical help you need is just a click away! Discover more about the many ways we can help you make the most of your time. Simply email

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