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Last Minute Easter Plans that Wow!

If you're like me, 2022 has been flying by, and you're in disbelief that Easter is ready to make its annual debut. Unfortunately, this means that also, like me, you are scrambling at the last minute to make sure your Easter Sunday is full of good food, family, and fun! Don't worry! We've got you covered with these four easy, quick, budget-friendly activities to make for a "hoppy" good time.

Easter Eggs-plore Hunt

Elevate your annual Easter egg hunt by turning it into a competitive scavenger hunt. Make a checklist of particular eggs to find, like one speckled egg, one egg with googly eyes, or a jumbo golden egg. Whoever completes their list first wins! The best part is you can probably score all your supplies from a local dollar store! Cheap, easy, and fun!

Charcuterie Egg-Stravaganza

Is a party even a party without a charcuterie board? Let your imagination go wild for the Easter holiday! Try a sweet tooth theme with chocolate foiled eggs, jelly beans, and brightly colored peeps. Or, if you are feeling artsy, mold traditional sweet and savory charcuterie board items into a fun shape like a bunny head or giant egg for that Instagram-worthy wow factor! The possibilities are endless!

Art Eggs-hibit

Instead of going the traditional route and coloring a dozen boiled eggs that most likely will be tossed after a few days, consider channeling your inner Picasso and painting wooden eggs with playful, punchy patterns. Not only are you eliminating food waste, but you are also creating Easter decor that you can use for many years to come. Your future self thanks you.

Egg-Squisite Taste

It's hard to think of Easter and not think of bunnies! But do you ever think about eating like one? Hear us out. How about planning an Easter feast centered around a bunny's favorite food - carrots! A four-course meal like none you've ever experienced before. Start with a gingerly carrot soup or french carrot salad, followed by baked parmesan carrot fries as your appetizer, slow cooker pot roast,

and carrots as your main, and carrot cake for dessert, of course. A meal that will be sure to be the talk of the dinner table for many Easters to come!

If you are really strapped for time and find these activities a bit ambitious for your schedule, we would love to lend a helping hand. Whether it's getting a few bags of candy for your little one's basket or getting the ingredients needed for an all-out Easter feast, we have a Panda for that. Visit our services page to book a Panda today. Happy Easter!

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