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Here's to facing 2022 with a brave heart

I sat on my favorite thinking chair with a pen in my hand, facing my newly bought 2022 planner. I somehow convinced myself that if I got myself one, then I’d be forced to write on it and set my goals for this new year straight.

But as I wrote the words “New Year’s Resolution” on the top of the page, I realized I was still stuck on the year that had just elapsed like a sound dream. The last time I checked I was still a whole year younger with the highest expectations for myself. But has much really changed since then? Was I able to achieve any goals I set out for myself?

One might say it has been a rollercoaster ride of a year. From meeting new people and trying out new routines, to losing loved ones and choosing to just stay in and literally social distance. I convinced myself I had to do something productive for myself every single day of the year because, at this age, I was expected to have already achieved so much. As these thoughts resurfaced in my mind for this year as well, I can’t help but realize I might just be too hard on myself. With the amount of pressure we give to ourselves, we tend to neglect the little achievements that we have. This is the exact reason it’s difficult to make goals or write our new year’s resolutions. We try to reach far but no matter how far we go, it’s never enough for us.

This year, pat yourself in the back and make sure you give yourself some love. Cut yourself some slack because the fact that you’re still alive in this day and age is already the greatest achievement. When writing your goals, start small, slow, and steady. May it be deleting toxic people from your life, making sure you clean your house every day, or washing your car spotless, as long as it makes you feel better then it’s enough. Don’t be afraid to ask for help as these goals do not have to be achieved on your own.

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