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Are You Ready For Spring Break? Make Sure You Have These Fool Proof Essentials!

For one week, usually in late March, families and individuals from all over the country take part in Spring Break. Now, if you have kids you’ve had this week marked on your calendar all year. If you don’t, you didn’t even realize what week it was.

Don’t worry, a lot of us had zero clue what week of the year it was. Either way this week is a time to take a break. Literally, the phrase is spring break.

The problem is, few of us remember to take that much needed break from time to time. We focus on work and family and friends, and not much else. We forget to take care of ourselves.

This leads to so many negative effects in our lives and I guarantee that you don’t even notice. As a result of neglecting self care, you can experience an increase in anxiety, fatigue, and irritability, and a decrease in sleep, focus, and self-esteem.

So yes, taking a break, relaxing and doing something fun is extremely essential. In case you were questioning whether you should indulge in this article.

Spring Break is usually a time for everyone to get away for a week. Somewhere warm with beaches or a mountain escape full of hiking and camping. This year looks a little different with the state of things. Does that mean you and your family shouldn’t have some fun though?

Absolutely not!

So whether you’re staying at home, or planning some small socially- distanced outings, here’s a few essentials every family should have.

1. Snacks

Okay moms, I’m mostly talking to you with this one. Of course you can stock up on classics like Doritios and Pop-Tarts, which everyone loves, but try some healthier snacks too. Snacks like ham and cheese rollups or homemade popcorn are favorites with my kids. And even better, have them help you make it. Then next time they’ll make it for themselves. I know, wishful thinking.

And hey, those of you who don’t have kids, snacks are still important! The last time you went to grab a little something before lunch, what did you grab? Having healthy options that you enjoy in the house will save you from mindless random snacking on shredded cheese. Even if that’s a personal favorite, we all have to admit it’s not the best for us.

2. A New TV Series To Binge Watch

For those days you don’t want to spend outside, having a show you can watch and keep watching is so comforting. There’s so many streaming services available now today. Even if you don’t think you’re subscribed to one, you actually probably are. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and HBO are a few of them that exist. Check with your cable provider if you’re unsure if you have. I bet you do.

I’m a firm believer that we all need somewhere to escape reality Whether it’s a book, a movie, or a TV show. Sometimes it's nice to see how other people live.

3. Sunscreen

Sure, you already know this one but it’s worth mentioning because it is so essential. Dealing with a sunburn the first few days of vacation is the last thing you want to worry about.

Even if you’re not taking a real vacation sunburns are not something you want to worry about. SPF can not only protect you from the harmful UV rays coming from the sun, but can also prevent collagen loss. Super important for anyone over the age of 25.

4. A Brand New Bottle of Wine

Or two or three. Depending on the agenda for your spring break. If you have your kids home all week, you deserve a glass of wine or two after dinner to unwind. The antioxidants in red wine do your body good too. So, why not?

5. A Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Spend a few minutes coming up with a list of random things you might find around your neighborhood. Think red car or two different butterflies. Then, grab your family and go for a walk around your neighborhood and see how many you can cross off your list. Making it into a challenge like this will help kids stay engaged and it’s a fun way to see your neighborhood.

Even if you don’t have kids, I encourage you to try this out for yourself. It’s a great way to get to know your neighborhood, and see things differently. Suddenly you find that one corner you walk by all the time has a beautiful tree whose roots travel up through the sidewalk. And that one house next to the bus stop has lavender growing in their front yard and smells incredible when you walk by.

6. An At Home Spa Day

Include your family in this one or make it a solo mission. Grab a bottle of delicious smelling bubble bath, put on a face mask, light some candles, and relax. These moments are few and far between so take some time to treat yourself. It is completely essential.

This is where you can get creative with the phrase self care. Do you enjoy baths? Yes? Then take one. No? Take a nice warm shower and then afterwards put on some amazing smelling lotion

There’s so much opportunity to customize your at home spa day. Paint your nails and put some leave in conditioner in your hair. Or if none of that is for you, book a nail appointment at your closest salon and enjoy that. Whatever your style of spa day is, embrace that and know you’ve earned this.

7. A Night To Prep To Go Back

Whether the kids are still in Zoom school or are returning onsite, it’s essential to give everyone a full night to return to a normal schedule. Routine helps everyone stay on track. This is not just for the kids, but also for yourself. Allowing yourself time to unwind and prepare for this next day. This helps end the morning stress of making sure everyone is ready for their day. So, get that backpack packed and make sure to get to bed at a decent hour.

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