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7 Time Saving Cleaning Hacks to Save Your Schedule

Everyone wants a perfectly clean home, all the time. With work, kids, and usually a handful of other obligations everyone knows it isn’t always easy to do. Luckily, we’ve put together a few time-saving tips to cut down your list, so you can get back to the things you want to do - like nap or binge watch that new show your friend has been recommending for weeks!

1. Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Click Gels

These are GREAT. They actually come in most major cleaning brands (Lysol, Scrubbing Bubbles, Etc.) and you can find them anywhere. Just use the stamping brush to place a citrusy clean gel bubble on the inside of your toilet rim to clean and freshen every time you flush. Don’t spend what little free time you have scrubbing toilets!

2. Garbage Disposal Freshener Gels

It’s normal after a while for your garbage disposal to smell a little...rough. Keep it fresh by using a few of these jellied fresheners to get into the crevices to remove grunge and odors. Did you know plain cold water and ice cubes from your freezer work magic too? Just fill your disposal with ice, turn on to let it run for a few seconds and then run your hot water. The smell will be gone in seconds!

3. DIY Shower Cleaning Brush

You know these scrubbing brushes generally used for dishes? Buy one and fill it with equal parts blue Dawn Original Scent dish soap and white distilled vinegar. Keep it in your shower and when you have one of those “let sit for three minutes then rinse out moments”, give your shower a quick once over. You’ll never see any gross shower mildew again and you’ll love that fresh smell that always seems to linger afterward.

4. Fridge and Oven Liners

on on on o on on o Last time I baked a frozen pizza it was one of those “bake right on rack for a super tasty and crispy crust”, except the bottom of my oven was covered in melted cheese and I was sad. Later, I found out there’s a way to avoid this - just lay one of these liners on the bottom of your oven. You’ll catch all the spills and you won’t end up scraping off hardened cheese like me.

Same goes for your refrigerator. The liners are a great catch all so you can get away with just replacing them and scrubbing less often. Think of the time this will save you in the long run!

*Bonus tip: Dawn Original dish soap cleans your oven better than harsh oven cleaning products so why buy an additional cleaner when you don’t have to?

5. Silicone Stove Gap Covers

I know, this is my second oven tip. But I think we can all agree cleaning in and around your oven is terrible so why not just avoid it? For less than $10 you can get two heat resistant guards to cover the cracks between each side of your oven and the counter to never have to worry about this one again.

6. Pet Hair, Everywhere?

If you have carpet then you know the struggle can be particularly real unless you get one of these Pet Hair Removal Rubber Brooms. Just a few sweeps across your carpet and it’ll bring up that pet hair your vacuum misses in clumps and you’ll never be so happy you did.

7. Dryer Sheets Prevent Dust

Using a dryer sheet to wipe down your baseboards cleans up the dust, adds a new fresh scent, and prevents dust from quickly resettling where you just cleaned. Any time you don’t have to spend down on your knees scrubbing baseboards is a win so you’ll probably want to move this tip into rotation right away.

We hope these tips help! Anything that can help you salvage even a few more minutes of your day is considered a win. For help getting you started with the things on this list or with anything else, you can still Book a Panda.

Our Pandas are available to make your life easier. If you liked these cleaning hacks, we can pick up any of these tools you might need, clean up your kitchen and even take the trash out with us when we leave. You don’t have to worry about anything except doing what you enjoy.

Download the My Panda App from the link below to see a convenient list of tasks we cover and you can even book same day services. If you think you could get used to us helping with these tasks, take a look at the Panda Partner Program where we can make it a ‘thing’. We want to make this as easy for you as possible because that’s why we’re here.

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