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5 Fun Family (and Kid-Friendly!) Crafts to Try This Fall

Summer coming to an end is always bittersweet. Even in a year as memorable as 2021, Summer came and went all too fast and now we’re ramping up to spend the foreseeable future indoors. While yes, the weekends spent out at the pool and grilling with the family are wrapping up that doesn’t have to mean the family fun has to come to a stop too.

Everyone loves Halloween and now that it’s just around the corner, you’ve probably noticed the aisles of decorations that have popped up. Luckily, fall brings a whole new set of fun activities, crafts, movies, and tasty treats for the entire family to help you celebrate and we can help.

We’ve put together a list of fun-proven fall and Halloween-style crafts for you and the kids that will not only be exciting to try together but will spruce up your seasonal home decor as well. Who knows, crafty fall Saturdays could even become a new family tradition.

Chances are you already have a lot of the materials for these on hand and what you don’t have yet is affordable.

For the most family fun, try planning a couple of these crafty fall Saturday’s this fall. Maybe prep and set the crockpot in the background and light a few cozy scented candles to get in that warm fall mood.

If you’re like me and looking for any excuse to munch on candy corn and fill a mug with warm apple cider, this is it. It’s practically required here.

1. Glowing leaf jars

This one is fun for everyone to make and chances are you already have the perfect place in mind to display them. If you don’t already have a few extra mason jars laying around, good news is they’re cheap and you can find them practically everywhere. Modge Podge is a must-have for these crafty Saturdays, and the leaves? Send the kids out into the yard to collect them! You’ll get a few minutes to yourself and when you have these jars displayed every fall you’ll see the leaves and be taken right back to that memory of them playing out in the yard.

Follow this guide for help on autumn glowing leaf jars.

2. Dried orange garland

Dried orange garland is fun to make, gives your home a fun and rustic twist, and frankly smells fantastic. There are so many different variations of this garland but the essentials are universal. Dried orange slices, twine, bay leaves or beaded cranberries, even acorns can be pined in between. Use what you have on hand or stop at the craft store for a few personal favorite materials that will go with your aesthetic.

Find out how to make the garland here.

3. Paper bag scarecrows

The kids will love making these. All it takes is a few brown paper lunch sacks and construction paper. Let them (safely!) cut out the features of their cute and funny scarecrows. It’s a great chance to let creativity grow while learning a bit more about everyone’s growing personality. Results will vary and that’s the best part.

Paper bag scarecrows can be found here.

4. Pine cone bird feeders

These are classic for a reason. Kids love to make them, they work like a charm, and like most of these crafts they’re fairly inexpensive to make. Everything from having the kids explore outside to hunt for pine cones to rolling them around in globs of peanut butter is fun. Hang them outside and it won’t be long before you have a few birds stopping by too.

Look here for a reminder on the pine cone bird feeders.

5. Coffee filter turkeys

Coffee filter turkeys are dorky but adorable and the younger kids love making them. Coffee filters, clothespins, googly eyes, watercolor paint, and either construction paper or a bit of felt for the beak. You probably already have a hot glue gun with the crafts that you can use to glue on the eyes and the beak that the kids cut out. You’ll laugh every time you see these up on the mantle or windowsill, we guarantee.

These are the coffee filter turkeys.

Fall is the time for family and creating memories. Your time is valuable and it’s true what they say, your kids will only be this young once. Spend these weekends making memories and let My Panda worry about all the adulting for you.

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