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4 Straight-to-the-Point Back to School Tips for Busy Moms Like You

Summertime was fun but it sure did go by quickly! Suddenly, the new school year is upon us and if you’re anything like the moms we know, you’re running yourself ragged trying to prepare for it.

The long weekends spent camping and weeknights spent watching the kids run around the backyard are slowly dwindling down, leaving you wondering how you’re going to manage the upcoming change of pace. On top of it all, this coming school year will be completely different than the start of last year, no wonder our collective anxiety level is high.

It’s time to make up a schedule again, coordinate pick-up and drop-off times, and wake up before the crack of dawn just to get out of the house on time every day. It’s never easy but you always seem to get it done.

We have a few helpful tricks up our sleeves to share with you which may just make things a little easier because for what it’s worth, you deserve it.

1. Even supermoms need help.

This is number one because it’s the most important yet the most widely forgotten. We know how easy it is to fall into that do-it-all role where you take care of everyone, no questions asked and your own needs fall to the wayside. Even doing it all, you still might run late for a pickup, miss an alarm, or skip meal prepping for lunch. But, guess what? That's completely ok. You’re human. You’re not the first and you certainly won’t be the last mom to just throw a couple of dollars at your kids for a hot lunch. There’s no shame in it, let’s remove the stigma.

2. Try to get back into a routine a few days before the start of the school year arrives.

The kids can sniff out when their bedtime is about to change and sometimes it can be worse on us than it is on them! If you can avoid a few nights of headache by sneaking that bedtime in just a little earlier each night, it will take a giant load off your shoulders when school does start up again. You’ll be all but past the hardest part and maybe even get in a few extra minutes of well-deserved rest yourself. Wake up might be a struggle regardless, so we’re sorry in advance.

3. Do all the tedious stuff first.

You’re about to have approximately 101 forms to sign, various agendas to look over and a couple of inconvenient snack days to volunteer for. Do them now and get them out of the way. Ask the kids about any forms for you on day one so the teachers don’t have to catch up with you later. Volunteer to sign up for a snack day now to get it out of the way before it slips your mind. You don’t want any surprises later when you’re just plain over it. Trust us.

4. Your self-care can make or break you, always save a little something for just you.

You’ve heard the saying “You can’t pour from an empty cup”. Well, we’re here to remind you it’s true and to keep that in mind toward the end of summer. You may be busy doing back to school clothes shopping, checking off the list of required school supplies, and planning lunches for all the kids but don’t forget to do that small thing just for you. You can squeeze in a half-hour for a pedicure, or maybe just stop at your favorite coffee shop for something cold and refreshing to sip on while you run around town. Everyone loves a good pick me up and a caffeine boost never sounded so good.

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Keeping up with your family and adding work on top of it can seem overwhelming on a good day. My Panda was started locally for those exact reasons. A busy mom of two needed to get things done but wasn’t willing to compromise spending quality time with her family so she found a way to do both.

We have a Panda ready to help with your list, so you don’t have to compromise either.

Let us spend the time screening and pairing you with a trustworthy Panda from your community so you can spend your time with your family doing what you love.

Need some help with a list of errands? What about an extra set of hands to help finish up all that laundry?

For as little as $15, a Panda will get your to-do list done! Some of our most common tasks include dropping off donations, researching and scheduling services in need, organizing/cleaning, and waiting in line (think Post Office).

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You can order Panda services the same day if you need to, or whenever you know you know you’ll need help the most. Let us be the ones to work with your schedule, not the other way around.

My Panda offers a variety of services and since we know your time is valuable, we’ve listed them all out for you in detail on our app. If you don’t see what you need listed, simply submit a Custom Request and let us know exactly what you need. Download the My Panda App today to find the full list of offerings available today including prices.

Remember, your family is worth it and so are you.

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