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Standard Services:  $22 for up to 45 minutes, $8 for each additional 15 minutes

Errand Services

$22 includes

(pick one):

  • Post Office, FedEx, or UPS

  • Bank run

  • Dry cleaning pick up or drop off

  • Pharmacy drop off or pick up

*Limited to a 2 mile radius. Additional distance may incur add-on charges

Laundry Service

$22 includes:

  • Fold up to 3 washed loads of laundry (one in washer, one in dryer, one in basket)

  • Put in appropriate rooms if desired

Vacation Service

$22 per day includes:

  • Switch lights off in the morning and on in the evening

  • Water plants and/or feed cat or other indoor pet

  • Bring in mail & sort

  • Take out trash & recycling on trash day, return bins at end of day

Pet Service

$22 includes

  • 20 Minute dog walk

  • Food & water refill

  • Attention & snuggles

  • Check around the house

Grocery Shopping

$22 includes*:

  • Shop & buy items on your grocery list

  • Deliver grocery items to your home

  • Place items away in your pantry, fridge, & freezer

*5% Charge added to total cost of grocery purchase

*Store must be within a 2 mile radius, additional distance may result in add-on charges

Trash to Curb

$22 includes:

  •  Bring filled trash and recycling bins from outside area of house to curb in AM

  • At end of the day return the bins to outside area of house

  • Clean up any trash or debris from trash area

Kitchen Tidy Up

$22 includes:

  • Empty dishwasher, dry & put items away

  • Rinse dishes in sink, load & run dishwasher

  • Wipe down & straighten up countertops

  • Sweep kitchen floor

  • Make one bed

Create Your Own 

$35/hour includes:

  • Book a Panda to help with whatever you need.

  • 30 minute minimum

  • Use your imagination, how can we help you find more time to live your best life?

  • Some ideas below

Other members have used us to...

Set up & Meet with Service Providers

Donation Delivery

Consignment Sale Preparation

Closet Organization

Meal Prep

Personal Shopping

Misc. Declutter & Tidy Up

Packing Lunches for Kids

Watering plants

Online Research

Gift Shopping & Wrapping

Party or Event Set Up & Clean Up

Packing or unpacking