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Donate Panda Hours to help the effor For every 5 hours donated, My Panda will donate 1 hou

We have Pandas who have the time and desire to help. Once families are settled and stable, a Panda can be there to lend a helping hand.


  • Pick up donations

  • Help a child with their homework

  • Help a mother navigate an American grocery store for the first time

  • Admin help for the staff at New American Pathways

My Panda is excited to announce our partnership with New American Pathways, an Atlanta based organization on the front lines of the massive effort to resettle evacuees from Afghanistan.


In the coming months, NAPW will welcome over 150 families fleeing Afghanistan.  In order to provide these families basic needs, food, affordable housing, and other vital services, vast amounts of money and manpower are needed.


If you want to help, but just don't have the extra time to volunteer, My Panda is providing a way for you to donate time to the effort.

Donate Panda hours to NAPW HERE

*For every 5 Panda hours donated by the community, My Panda will donate one hour.

Together, we can ensure a welcoming community for those new to Atlanta who are experiencing unfathomable loss and trauma.

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