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NOTES on CHaRM runs

  • Please sort all items by type

  • Please note the items that are accepted and those that have a charge to recycle

  • To request a CHaRM run, select the custom "Everything Else" request in the My Panda app

  • Indicate "CHaRM Run" and the Panda's name if there is a Panda run already scheduled

examples of some Accepted



sort by



some items that are not accepted

all these must be thrown away


FREE to recycle:

  • Plastics - Clean, dry empty plastic bags/film packaging/grocery bags (must stretch a bit - NOT any hard plastics with no recycling stamp or stiff, crinkly plastic bags)

  • Plastic containers - #1 -#6, clean and dry (NOT #7)

  • Small electronics, string lights, cell phones

  • Straws (not recycled but they are sent to Nexus Fuels to be made into a fuel!)

  • Paper – magazines, office paper, newspaper, phone books, shredded

  • Glass food bottles and jars

  • Metal (steel, iron, brass, aluminum, copper) (NO wire hangers, take to dry cleaner)

  • Metal food cans, clean

  • Aluminum

  • Cardboard

  • Ink printer cartridges (NO toner)

  • Textiles

  • Styrofoam, clean (NOT packing peanuts, take to Fedex)

  • Batteries (NOT alkaline)

  • Household fats & grease

  • Waxed cartons

  • Wine corks

  • Political signs

PROCESSING FEES, visit website for fees:

  • Paint, Household Chemicals (cleaners, pesticides, etc), TVs and Monitors, Tires, Mattresses, Propane Tanks, Large Appliances (NO fridges, AC units), Thermometers, Smoke Detectors, Bulbs, CFL Bulbs, Toilets.


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