My Panda Ambassador


Earn up to $50 per referral!

Join us for our first ever referral blitz program!

This program is open to all active Pandas.

10/18 - 11/30

Earn extra money for the holidays, to pay down some bills or to buy that extra pair of shoes.

Simply tell your neighbors, friends, co-workers and community about My Panda and how we can help them.

Keyboard and Mouse

How does it work?

  • Tell others about My Panda and give them your name (or code) to put in the "referred by" field. (They will get $5 off first request if they enter your name!)

  • Help them download the app and submit requests.

  • Get paid for every request they submit! Up to $50 per referral!

    • $5 - 1st request​

    • $10- 2nd request

    • $15 - 3rd request

    • $20 - 4th request

  • You must have completed 2 requests before 11/30 to be considered an active Panda.

Some more details

  • Refer to this TOOLKIT document for images, wording and ideas on how to spread the word.

  • Request referral cards be mailed to you (email

  • Be sure your referrals enter your name or code in to the referred by field when they download the app so that you will get credit for the referral. 

    • Code= first 2 letters of first name, first 2 of last name and last 2 digits of cell number on file, ie TALU32

  • Tip:  Tell them about the Panda Partner Subscription service!  They will get a designated Panda to help them and you will pretty much be guaranteed they will use the service 4 times before the end of November!

Referrals and requests will be calculated on December 1st.  Referral bonuses will be direct deposited into your account with payroll the following week.