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Certification for Alcohol Delivery


1. Let the Panda Support Team know you are interested in being certified for alcohol deliveries so we can run the required background checks. Email if you did not address in your interview.

2.  Visit Serving Alcohol Certification and register to take the required class to get your certificate.  See full instructions HERE (or see below).

3.  Once you have completed the training, print or save your certificate digitally so you can access it if a State Revenue Agent asks for it. 

4. Review the My Panda checklist for delivery BEFORE completing your first request. (Also available below)  Keep this document available so you can review it regularly.  It is CRUCIAL you follow these guidelines to be compliant with state regulations. **Failure to do so can result in a $5000 fine to you and My Panda and the retailer.

5. Once these steps are completed, the Panda Support Team will add the "Alcohol Delivery Certified" grove to your approved groves and you will start to see requests from our approved partners.  

6. If you need referral cards to leave with deliveries, email and request some get mailed to you.

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